Welcome to Renew Naija

We strongly believe we can begin to create a positive and good perception of ourselves and environment if we begin to project the good things that happen more. This is what Renew Naija is about- to share and spread good news happening in Nigeria and to Nigerians.

We invite you to join us by sharing information that can influence people’s perception positively. Send your good news and stories to our e-mail renewnaija@gmail.com, like us on facebook – renewnaija and follow our post. You can also kindly comment on this post.

Most importantly, begin to view life and events around you more positively.

Thank you!

Contact Us

+2348148831122, +2348020716351



3 responses to “Welcome to Renew Naija

  1. What a great site – Good news from Nigeria!
    I also own a good news site, and we publish positive stories from around the world to get people inspired (on http://www.finallygoodnews.net.

    I wish you the best of luck with your blog and agenda, and am looking forward to reading good news from Nigeria!

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