Everyone deserves quality education – Learnark

easyvoucher smw learnarkThe CEO of Learnark, Adedolapo Oguntayo spoke on the importance of giving everyone access to quality education on a panel at an event hosted by Easy Voucher Limited at the 2017 edition of Social Media Week Lagos. The event titled “Speak Their Language – Leveraging Technology to Educate African Youths” held on the 3rd of March 2017 at Social Media Week Lagos Studio, Landmark Center, Oniru Lagos.

She highlighted how technology now makes it easier for people to have access to quality education globally irrespective of their geographical location. According to her, Learnark is one of those platforms that make it possible for everyone to learn no matter who they are, where they live or what their aspirations may be.

Other speakers at the event were Adewale Yusuf, CEO of Techpoint.ng, Ifezue Somto, CEO of Sharphire Global Limited and top on-air personality, Bellarose Okojie. All of the speaker on the panel agreed that it is time Africans start focusing more on learning and developing life skills instead of attending schools to acquire certificates.


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