Nigeria ministry of Agriculture unveils Agriculture Promotion Policy

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Nigeria Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) has released the agriculture promotion policy for 2016 to 2020. According to the report, the policy document is to provide a disciplined approach to building an agribusiness ecosystem.

First, FMARD will prioritize improving productivity into a number of domestically focused crops and activities. These are rice, wheat, maize, fish (aquaculture), dairy milk, soya beans, poultry, horticulture (fruits and vegetables), and sugar.

Second, FMARD will prioritize for export markets the production of the following crops and activities: cowpeas, cocoa, cashew, cassava (starch, chips and ethanol), ginger, sesame, oil palm, yams, horticulture (fruits and vegetables), beef and cotton. FMARD will also work with a network of investors, farmers, processors and other stakeholders to deepen the supporting infrastructure to ensure that quality standards are defined and maintained across the value chain.

To ensure that the strategy is executed as intended, FMARD is working closely with states and other federal MDAs e.g. Power, Transportation and Trade. FMARD will also evolve itself to become a more focused policy maker and regulator to ensure accountability for results.

You can download a copy of the agriculture promotion policy 2016 here.


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