Why I wrote The Girl Who Found Water – Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike


Renew Naija (RN) meet with Mirian Chibuzor Azubuike, author of The Girl Who Found Water. During her NYSC service year, she donated a borehole that provided clean water for the first time to a community of over 6000 Nigerians in Bauchi state, Nigeria. She tells us why she wrote her book

RN: Can we meet you please?

Chibuzor: I am Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike, author of ”The Girl Who Found Water”

RN:Why did you write The Girl Who Found Water?

Chibuzor: I wrote the book to inspire social change, and to encourage community service in Nigeria. I beleive we all must get involved to develop our ideal Nigerian society.

RN: What are the challenges you faced in publishing your book?

Chibuzor:  The major Challenge is getting funds to publish my story, my family rescued me. I  also had some fears about how the book would turn out, but thanks to my team from my editor to my publisher for putting their best into the project.

RN: What are your other interests?
Chibuzor: My other interests asides from writing includes Humanitarian services, catering and traveling.

RN: Tell us one good thing about Nigeria?

Chubuzor: Nigerians are very creative, we survive, no matter what the situation is.

Copies of The Girl Who Found Water by Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike can be gotten at http://www.jumia.com.ng, http://www.konga.com, Terra Kulrure (Victoria Island, Lagos), Glendora bookshop (Ikeja City Mall)


One response to “Why I wrote The Girl Who Found Water – Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike

  1. #Thegirlwhofoundwater. Mirian as i see her is a kind lady who would do anything humanly possible to bring out something out of nothing. Nigeria needs more like her.

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