How I started my fashion business


Renew Naija (RN) meet with Ohwokirerhuo Kessiena Lilly, Director of Kzzlab Clotheirs to know how she started her fashion business. Here is her experience.

RN: Can we meet you please?
Kessiena: My name is Ohwokirerhuo Kessiena Lilly. I am the Director of Kzzlab Clothiers, a company that makes and sells quality clothes at fair price. We also make footwear’s like palm sandals and shoes.

RN: Why did you start Kzlab Clotheirs?
Kessiena: I started a clothing business because of my passion for fashion. I don’t just want to make clothes for the profits, I want to make clothes to make people look good. Looking good is good business.

RN: What were the challenges you faced when starting and how did you overcome them?
Kessiena: Getting quality fabrics was a major challenge for me when I started. It was also challenging to convince people that I can make quality clothes for them.
By putting God first in every step I took, I was able to overcome these challenges. I also consulted some people that were already in the clothing business before me for guidelines on getting quality fabrics. My continuous persistence made people trust me to make them look good.

RN: What are your other interests?
Kessiena: Apart from running my business, I work with Easy Voucher Limited, a media and technology company in Nigeria as the Operations Manager.

RN: Tell us one good thing about Nigeria.
Kessiena: Nigeria is full of hardworking citizens who are always striving to succeed.


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