Olu Amoda works on display in an exhibition organised by Art Twenty-One

wpid-img_20150307_184411.jpg wpid-img_20150307_191357.jpgSome of the best works of veteran artist, Olu Amoda, are currently on display at the Eko Hotel, Lagos in an exhibition organised by Art Twenty-One.

The exhibition tagged ‘Fringe’, which will run till mid April, brings together the artist’s recent experimentations in sculpture, drawing, and installation as he explores questions of privacy and public space in the Nigerian urban environment.

According to the organisers, Amoda’s use of unconventional materials and processes, combined with an interest in pertinent social and political issues, charters new depths by examining the relationship between surveillance, religion, and the female form.

They note, “Central to Amoda’s investigations are the influences of technology and how virtual communications shape and prescribe identity. Noting the hyper-consciousness of self-representation that is brought about by the digital revolution, Amoda focuses his attention to the prevailing presence of the camera in our daily lives. Whether self-imposed or brought about by increased modes of surveillance, the omnipresence of cameras and recording devices in these works suggest a cultural obsession with our “public” selves.


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