AREWA 24 is Northern Nigeria’s first and only free-to-air Hausa-language television

arewa 24AREWA 24 is Northern Nigeria’s first and only free-to-air Hausa-language television channel locally produced and fully dedicated to northern Nigerian life, culture, values, youth, business, arts and family entertainment. Equal Access officially launched the AREWA 24 channel on the Nilesat 102 satellite platform (12226 MHz frequency) with broadcast partnerships with Jordan Media City in Amman and Du telecom services in Dubai. Produced locally by a team of over 50 Nigerian media professionals and through partnerships with Dabo TV and Amara Studios, this general entertainment channel celebrates the cultures, life-style, music and themes of northern Nigeria.

Sani Muazu, Head of Production explains, “‘Dr. Maitama Sule, Dan-masanin Kano, used to say in Hausa that ‘every bird sings its mother’s song.’ Arewa 24 is our chance to sing our song, so the whole world can see how gifted Arewa people are and appreciate the beauty and values in our diverse cultures. I lead a team of northern Nige-rian television professionals who are gearing to raise the standard of television in this country and make all ‘yan Arewa proud in having a channel that truly portrays them for who they are.”

We have been speaking with young people in Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Jos and elsewhere in northern Nigeria about AREWA 24. Some of the comments they have shared with us include: We want to take our role in leading. This is our chance to reflect our vision for a positive and productive future free of violence. Maybe now, the world will see our gifts and the beauty of our culture. We are ready to be pioneers.


3 responses to “AREWA 24 is Northern Nigeria’s first and only free-to-air Hausa-language television

  1. THE ONLY AND FIRST HAUSA TV CHANNEL in northern nigeria….thousands of viewers were impressed.But Still I Suggest Arewa24 to introduce a programme that will fight corruption in our country,by so doing a remarkable character shall be inculcated in the heart of nigerian youth.

  2. Ina daya da ga cikin mabiya shirye-shiryenku kuma ina jin dadinsu gaba daya. Allah kara wa ma’aikatanku ilimi da fasaha. A huta lafiya. Ibrahim Abu-Ammar daga Keffi, Nasarawa State.

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