GE Launches program to Empower, Equip and Elevate citizens in Nigeria

GE renewnaijaGE, the global infrastructure leader, has officially launched its GE Kujenga citizenship program at a press event at WEF Africa, in Abuja, Nigeria. GE Kujenga is based on three core pillars of activity – Empower, Equip and Elevate. Through this program, GE will empower people with valuable skills, equip communities with new tools and technology and elevate ideas that are helping to solve Africa’s challenges.

‘Kujenga’ means ‘build’ in Swahili, and GE is a partner in building Africa’s sustainable future. Through GE Kujenga, GE has committed to work in partnership with governments, institutions, communities and private-sector peers to help bring sustainable and transformative development to the communities in which it operates.

Speaking at the launch event in Abuja, Jay Ireland, President and CEO of GE Africa, said, “We chose Kujenga as the name for our citizenship program because it signifies our shared commitment to building a thriving and prosperous Africa. At GE, we aim to help create the building blocks of the future as well as responding to the challenges of today. We are doing this to ensure that GE’s contribution to Africa is one of mutual benefit, growth and prosperity.”

In order to empower the communities in which it operates, GE will provide skills training and leadership development programmes. Through both its own internal training schemes, and external partnerships with organisations such as the African Leadership Academy, GE is committed to building stronger work forces across the continent.

GE has also pledged to equip its host countries with the material and systems needed to widen access to healthcare and other essential services. The company will use its global expertise and ability to innovate to bring tools, technology and training to communities that strengthen rural healthcare systems and respond in times of natural disasters.

In keeping with its commitment to place innovation at the heart of the business, GE is determined to elevate the communities in which it operates by lending scale and resources to transformative ideas that have the potential to solve local challenges. GE supports entrepreneurs in developing new technologies and approaches to tackle local problems, and fund research into new solutions, with a particular focus on energy.


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