Free publications as RenewLibrary celebrates

renewlibrary is 6RenewLibrary was created six months ago to make it easier to find and use African publications. Here is a message from Awoyode Ope Great, the founder as the team celebrate six months since the launch of http://www.renewLibrary.

“Six months ago when we started RenewLibrary, it was like a dream. Though the idea had been conceived a year earlier, it still took us great determination and passion for African publications to launch

RenewLibrary was created to make it easier for people to find and use relevant African publications. We launched on the 7th of August 2013 to serve as an online platform to pursue this mission. The website allows users to preview, read and find information about relevant African publications for free. Users can also register to upload their own publications and connect with other users.

Through the past six months, we have been able to achieve notable results thanks to a wonderful team and all our users. Over a thousand African publications including books, magazines, reports and bulletins have been uploaded. Almost 500 wonderful people have registered on

We thank Creative Enterprise, Common Sense Group, First Assembly Ministry, Great Empowerment Publishers and Leap Africa among many other organizations for registering on We thank the Co-Creation Hub for allowing us present RenewLibrary at Showcase Tuesday.

We know we are just starting. We will move ahead to achieve the great goals before us through a consistent commitment to our mission of making it easier for people to find and use African publications. We invite you to join us on this great mission today by registering for free on You can also like RenewLibrary facebook page and follow @renewlibrary on twitter.”


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