Osun State provide free surgery operations for more than 2,000 residents

osunOsun State Government, has provided free surgery operations for more than 2,000 residents in the state said Dr. Simeon Afolayan, the programme team leader, who is also the state government’s representative.

“Many lives have been saved through the intervention. This is because many who are going through pains and cannot afford the surgery were suffering in silence in the hinterlands,” he said.

Listing examples, the team leader cited the successful operation of a congenital hernia (defect in the diaphragm) carried out on a 3-month old baby, Taye Odewale, in Ila Orangun, headquarters of the local government. Afolayan said that the baby could now live a normal life after the corrective surgery. “Having carried out the surgery to correct the congenital hernia afflicting the child, and bearing in mind that it was complication free, the baby is safe,” he said.

“The ability to operate safely is what we emphasise to all our medical team undertaking the surgeries.” The team leader advised mothers not to wait till there were serious complications, after noticing unusual growths or lumps on children. The surgeon noted that the programme was still ongoing in the state.


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