LAWMA and NBC partner to clean Lagos state


In a bid to achieve a clean environment in the state, the Lagos Waste Management Authority and the Nigerian Bottling Company Plc have commenced the second phase of the Clean Street Initiative in Olowogbowo area of the state.

The clean street project was inaugurated a year ago by the NBC, in partnership with LAWMA as a community investment programme with an objective to ensure a clean and healthy environment in the communities in which they operate from.

The National Commercial Director, NBC, Mr. Matthieu Seguin, said the initiative was driven by the company’s belief in being a force for social good in the communities by investing in programmes that enriched the lives of the people in such communities. “We believe in doing well in our communities, because when we do so, the communities are happy, our customers are happy and this goodwill in turn impact on the business. Everyone is happy and everyone wins,” he said.

The Acting Managing Director, LAWMA, Mrs. Abimbola Jijoho-Ogun, while commending the project, said the goal of everyone should be to have a clean and healthy environment. The project featured the handover of cleaning materials including bins, brooms, traffic cones and personal protection gears to LAWMA and the Olowogbowo CDA.

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