Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson starts campaign to get kids off the street

Mercy-JohnsonNollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, who had her birthday on August 28, has decided to use her non-governmental organisation, Mercy Jonson Foundation, to assist various state governments in taking kids off the streets.

In a message released, the actress said, “Mercy Johnson Foundation will be doing a lot to get kids off the street. We are not asking people for money or donation, I will do all I can with the resources God has given me, and with the support of my husband to help get these kids off the street and set them on the path where they can begin to pursue their dreams. I want to plead with people, fans, friends and colleagues to spare a thought for the children on the street. We can begin by educating people around us, parents, the children and people in charge of children (Oga-house help relationship, teacher-student relationship, and others) on the need to treat every child like the future of Nigeria depends on it. And truth be told, our future will not be all that enjoyable if we let the scourge of ‘street-children’ fester. By then, the rich will begin to cry. ”

While kickstarting the ‘Get kids off the street, save the future’ campaign, she shared some lessons she learnt during her visit to the Boys’ Remand home in Oregun, Lagos, Mercy Johnson said she appreciates those who wished her a happy birthday.

“I am grateful to everyone that has sent in a birthday message, tweet and gifts. Thank you and God bless you,” she said.


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