14-Year-Old Nigerian Launches Website For Social Networking

terkuraA 14 year-old boy, Terkura Unongo, has launched a website, http://www.theimongo.com, for social networking. The early exposure that Terkura, an eighth Grade Student of Hillcrest Middle School, Jos, Plateau State, had to the Internet seems to have paid off. His parents gave him the support to explore his talents in the digital world, and provided him with gadgets. As a result of this he opened his first e-mail address at eight, joined Facebook two years after and other popular social networks in quick succession.

Apart from the fact that his parents gave him the support to explore his talents in the digital world, his computer science teacher also inspired him.

Terkura, who hails from Benue State, says, “Well, I think I became IT-savvy right from the day I started using a computer, as my parents provided the atmosphere for me to acquire various computer devices. But my potentials got sharpened in 2011 when my computer teacher basically showed me the fun in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language).

“It was during a class where we were told to make a website based on any topic of our choice, he taught the class the basics, e.g. images, colours, fonts, etc. of the language and I was challenged to go on and further my knowledge on the language.”

He explains that after being fascinated by the workings of various social networks, coupled with the knowledge of programming languages he had acquired, he felt he could also make a difference by starting a social network of his own.

According to him, the name, “Imongo”, is taken from the Tiv native dialect which simply means, “Gathering,” He explains that he picked the name because he feels it really described his main objective of connecting people to enable them to meet one another, keep in touch with those they already know, and make new friends at the same time staying entertained and informed.

He adds that he was fascinated by what he could do with HTML so he immediately decided to learn Cascading Style Script and other languages, including JavaScript, Java, and VB. He created various websites for school projects, and for fun though never published them.

“I felt I could do something positive, and then I decided to create something that would impact the lives of potential members from all over the world. So I went on to work on Imongo, and I am still working on it to take the online social experience to a whole new level.

“I started work on the Imongo in May 2012, and made it public in early August, and received over 300 members in less than three months. I built the Video Chat feature using a partner called, TokBox. I had no official guide, I used my current knowledge of scripting languages and the Internet to guide me.”

The membership strength of the network currently stands at 1,258 and the site is designed such that intending members can be a part of it by joining through Facebook or by simply signing up with an e-mail address and a password. An online forum and a blog is also embedded on the network. A check on the site shows that 30 topics ranging from religion, politics, sports and entertainement have come up for discussion on the site’s forum.

Terkura, who would be 15 on July 4, says his role model is Microsoft founder,  Bill Gates, adding that he is targeting a million members on his site by 2014.

Shared from http://www.naijaurban.com/boy-launches-website-social-networking/


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