ImageTwo guys were asked to describe the volume of water in a glass. One said half full and the other half empty. Why do you think they have different answers? I think their answers were based on their different perception.

We see more clearly what we focus on. Try this, begin to look out for a particular vehicle brand or colour this week. You will find out it is as though there are more of that brand or colour. Most of the popular news in our society is negative because we pay more attention to them and we project them more.

I strongly believe we can begin to create a positive and good perception of ourselves and environment if we begin to project the good things that happen more. This is what this blog is about- to share and spread good news happening in Nigeria and to Nigerians.

You can be a part of this by sharing information that can influence people’s perception positively. Send your good news and stories to our e-mail renewnaija@gmail.com, like us on facebook – Renewmedia and share our post always. You can also kindly comment on this post. Most importantly, begin to view life and events around you more positively. Half full is better than half empty.


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